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The Unmissable Spots

    Ancient and extraordinary finds appear from its volcanoes’ fumes, among rare flavours and unmistakable sounds. After landing and the dream becomes real, the island turns into a continent, a giant to explore. Its legendary cobalt… Leggi tutto »The Unmissable Spots

    Archaeological Trails

      Sicily: an open-air museum. Selinunte, Segesta, the small islands of Mozia and Levanzo in Trapani area, the archaeological area of ​​Palazzolo Acreide, Pantalica (Unesco Heritage) in Syracuse area, Morgantina a few kilometres from the Roman… Leggi tutto »Archaeological Trails

      Aeolian Island

        These splendid and varied islands of the Mediterranean are born from the breath of Aeolus. Unesco heritage for their unique and bursting volcanic nature, the so-called seven sisters, fascinate for their beauty, taking us into… Leggi tutto »Aeolian Island

        Walking In Nature

          There are several Nature parks and Nature reserves in Sicily that offer enchanting days on splendid panoramas. Along the sea coasts, on the volcanoes or the high hills and plains, be spoilt for choice. Mt.… Leggi tutto »Walking In Nature

          Food & Wine

            Food in Sicily. As in the whole Italy has a basilar aspect linked to daily life. But Sicily, like very few other Italian regions, can boast a great variety of dishes and ways of preparing… Leggi tutto »Food & Wine