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Mount Etna 5-Senses Tours

    Volcano Etna: the giant of fire, the Myth of Sicily sung by Homer, the highest active volcano in Europe, a centre of scientific experimentation, from the age of Empedocles, a Pythagorean presocratic philosopher from Agrigento, who threw himself there to understand the principles of physic. There are no boundaries for history and legend around this volcano. But is Etna just this? Few imagine how fertile it is and rich in endogenous and valuable species. Some examples? The pistachio of Bronte (called green gold of Sicily), the olive from Etna (called Nocellara), the Etna’s cherry, the hazelnut groves, the orchards, the lemon groves, the orange groves and finally the vineyards. Experiencing a sensory path around this volcano is a marvel. In a couple of days, you cross the different remarkable regions of Etna, reacquiring the pleasure of taste immersed in nature and in ancient silences among shepherds’ houses or noble country houses equipped to receive guests with attention and delicacy. You breathe in antique scents. Accompanied by local experts to discover medicinal or wild herbs, we stop relaxed in a famous or familiar farm to enjoy magic moments.