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True Countryside Traditions

    The processing of raw materials in Sicily has very ancient peculiarities and traditions. It derives from the different cultures that have crossed this Mediterranean hub (thirteen dominations!) which have also introduced many products that the Sicanian and other natives of the island did not know. The olive tree, the vine, the citrus fruits, the aubergine, for example, were introduced by the Greeks and the Arabs, making very long journeys even from Asia. Dwelling in the different and varied locations of the Sicilian countryside can still give the thrill of witnessing the traditional wine grapes harvest, the pressing of the olives in ancient stone olive-press, the grinding of the wheat, the preparation of ricotta cheese, as has been done for centuries. Dedicating it one or two days is advisable, are unmissable and, in some areas, there are still artisans who work the lava stone and wood with ancient mastery.