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Food & Wine

    Food in Sicily. As in the whole Italy has a basilar aspect linked to daily life. But Sicily, like very few other Italian regions, can boast a great variety of dishes and ways of preparing it: from the poorest food to the Viceroys’ tables, the combinations of foods are infinite. It is worth dedicating a few days and no less than one to learning the recipes of succulent dishes developed over the centuries. During a lunch, prepared with local products, wine is another must. The richness of the cultivars ranging from the ancient Greeks to nowadays is unbelievable. There are many opportunities to consider in each location: a day, a food and wine tour exclusive (minimum three days), or a week for a complete cooking class in enchanting and relaxing places. For those who do not want to “work”, the tastings are a must in any case! And what about the extra virgin olive oil, cheese and honey tastings? These products are unparalleled for the delight of the palate and the preparation of delicacies and desserts of the Mediterranean cuisine (Unesco Heritage)
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